CinEx HD Utility Guides


Question: I got a message ‘HTML Error. Please contact support’?

Answer: Make sure that your software is activated. Also make sure that CinEx HD is not blocked by a firewall and that you do NOT use any proxy service.

Question: Is it true, you can add Cinavia to every movie?

Answer: Yes, we can add Cinavia to every movie. Our CinFect, the player reset DVD, has an own audio track with Cinavia. Journalists can send us a clean video file to verify that we are able to add Cinavia.

Question: I used SoundTouch 2 but my player still show Cinavia?

Answer: The player Cinavia detector is still calibrated with the movie. You need to reset the player / Cinavia detector. Please read this:

Question: I tried your software but Cinavia is still in the copy? What is wrong?

Answer: This website is about CinEx HD Utility, not DVD-Ranger CinEx HD 6.x. So if you use DVD-Ranger CinEx HD 6.x please download our CinEx HD Utility to remove Cinavia.

Question: Is there any third party decrypter needed for original Blu-ray?

Answer: You only need a decrypter if you want to remove Cinavia out of a original Blu-ray disk. If the Blu-ray movie is already copied/ripped or downloaded, you do not need a decrypter.
For downloaded torrent video files, a decrypter is not needed, too. For more information, check our decrypter information page.

Question: Can I remove Cinavia from DVD movies?

Answer: Yes you can now remove Cinavia from DVD movies too. But the final output is a movie only DVD without menu and extras. That is the compromise which we had to accept.

Question: Can I remove Cinavia from Blu-ray 3D?

Answer: Not yet. This is currently in development. But you can read here the experience from an CinExHD user:

Question: No Master HD / True HD audio when finish?

Answer: While decoding losless audio like Master HD or True HD we keep only the core audio. After removing Cinavia we re-encode the audio to the best possible format. This is Dolby Digital with 640 kbps (Ac-3). We are working on a solution to optimize this issue.

Question: Error download the database from internet?

Answer: This message occour if you use the trial version of CinEx HD Utility. If you have purchased a license key, please activate the software. If you use a firewall, make sure that CinEx HD Utility is allowed to connect to the internet.

Question: What is SoundTouch 2?

Answer: CinEx SoundTouch 2 is the Cinavia disabling technology without the usage of a database. With SoundTouch 2 the Cinavia will get disabled but you will get some drone out effect on the audio. You can use SoundTouch 2 on movies where no database is available or other languages than english. The quality is very good in compare to earlier SoundTouch versions. Try it out.

Question: I got the message ‘The database and torrent file are too different’

Answer: If you have download the file from a torrent network, download another one. Some movies are cutted or contain an trailer of the release group.
Another issue maybe that you have downloaded a Screener, Webrip or DVD rip. Download a movie with a Blu-ray source.

Question: I got the message ‘Cannot initialize Codec’

Answer: Following formats are not supported: VOB (Single file), TrueHD Video (In MKV file) and WMV files. To remove Cinavia from VOB files you need to load the DVD disc. TrueHD is only supported in Blu-ray discs.

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