Sing Database Available

Today we have released the database files for the blockbuster:

  • Sing, English Track

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    There a bug… I used soundtouch 2 on the french track and then put it back in .iso and evrything is fine…

    But when i try to use the data base on the english track when i playing the movie in french its not the french track playing but the english DVS track…. i tried twice and nothing to do….


    if retail provide ISBN

    what vendor software are you using to rip with

    And yes Eng track is for the Eng track only . If your using a retail disk run CinDE on the French track to see if it is infected .we have not had any reports on this.

  3. Walris

    Hi Admin, so I am trying to use CinEx HD to check for Cinavia in the Spanish and French BD tracks. When I select the Spanish AC3 Plus track and click Check Cinavia, CinEx HD reports an error: “Failed to create or initialize codec.” I am using RedFox AnyDVD as the decrypter.

    I can confirm that the French BD track is infected, as are both the Spanish and French DVD tracks according to CinDe 0.95.

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