Sicario / Truth Database Available

Today we have release the database files for the blockbusters:

  • Sicario, English Track
  • Truth, English Track

Sicario database was created with the Blu-ray we own. Lionsgate movies have multiple releases. Our version was track 364 as main movie. It is possible that this database do not work on all Sicario releases. Please try.

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    Hi all, so the Lab finally cracked a Lionsgate! Great work. I can confirm that using a Redbox version (just trying it out, own the BD with another playlist), it removes Cinavia perfectly! For me, I was using AnyDVD HD and it will show the correct playlist for the version of Sicario you are using, in this case it was 945. When you are selecting the BD source, it will show you a list of tens of playlists. You need to pick the one that corresponds to correct one as indicated by AnyDVD HD or DVDFab. Again, in this case, I picked Video Title Mpls:945. Then unclick Soundtouch 2 and select the Sicario database. Works like a charm.

    Great, great work by the Lab!!!


    I dont understand its say the data base is for the mpls 364… My disc backup give me 966 is the good playlist and i already watched the movie and its the good mpls.


    What they are saying is that the cracked Cinavia using a Blu-ray version that had mpls 364 as the “good” playlist, and because of that and the fact that Lionsgate releases so many versions with different Cinavia keys, they can’t guarantee that the database that works for their version will work with other versions.

    For yours with mpls 966, it may work, because my version had a different mpls and it worked. So for you, try to use the database but when you select your BD/DVD source, you will see multiple playlists, all with the same movie length. Scroll down to pick 966 as the Video Title Mpls:966 and use CinEx HD as you normally do. It should work, assuming that the Cinavia key for your version is the same as the one in the database.

    Give it a try and post back if it works.

  4. RumbleFish

    I’ve had the same weird problem with using CineXHd with both Lionsgate titles (Sicario and Hunger Games Mockingjay), which is that the cinavia-free track which is spliced in with the original audio (I’m supposing this track fills in the inaudible gaps) is out of sync for the first 20-30 minutes. This just sounds like an odd low-res echo on top of the original audio, and with both titles it was back in sync about halfway through the movie. Any idea if this is due to the software not syncing up the original and overlay tracks correctly, or if this is because of the use of multiple cinavia keys for the same release? Strangely enough, the version I was using had good playlist #945, and posted above that it worked fine for him with the same version of the movie.


      Hi RumbleFish, you are correct. For some reason on my PC playback it sounded fine, but on my standalone player, I had that odd low-res echo on top of the original audio and a tinny quality to the dialog. Oh, well, I guess I was excited that it appeared to sync up to strip Cinavia from the rental, meaning that maybe Lionsgate was getting closer to solved. Sorry for the misinfo that I provided.

      The Lab does good work. They will figure it out.

  5. RumbleFish

    The rental version with DD 5.1 (no HD audio track on rental discs) in both cases with the syncing issues. I actually own the retail version of mockingjay part one but I haven’t tried using cinexhd on that yet, I’m assuming that cinexhd would probably work fine with the retail Dolby TrueHD tracks, it’s just odd that the syncing issue is occurring since you would think that both the retail HD and the rental DD 5.1 tracks would be the same length.

    • admin

      The only way to see if this is an issue of CinEx HD is to make a movie only copy of your Lionsgate movie and remove Cinavia from it. Fact is, that a Lionsgate movie has hundrets of playlists and noone know the real one that is played by the player. Shame on all copy software products that do not clean up this crazy title issue and also do not fix the regions issues with Lionsgate. We have tested the Lionsgate movies with movie only copies and just one playlist on the copy and it works like a charm.


    Hopefully Last Witch Hunter is next. plus other Cinavia Releases – Knock Knock, Heist, Condemned 2, Lost in the Sun, Love the Coopers, Maggie, Misconduct HD, Nina Forever HD, Southbound HD, Extraction HD . Thats a list of some released or up and coming releases due to them being in HD..cheers:)

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