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It is funny to monitor some websites and people after we publish a post about copy protection. Like with the last post we made, some nerds used the chance to post again embarrassing bullshit. It is amazing why those people do not ask us or discuss with us? No, these people prefer to embarrass themselves again.

What was the scandal? We think the copy protection we found was special designed for CinEx HD. Verance cannot adjust parameters because Cinavia was really removed, they need to find another way to hinder us to remove Cinavia. So they manipulated the m2ts stream that way, that the decoder will collect frames without processing and later the software crash in case of too much RAM.
This shows that CinEx HD is working perfect. Thanks to Universal, Sony and Verance for this proof.

Footnote for Sheldon:
Hand on heart, we do not think that this was designed special for us. We think it was a general attempt to confuse all ffmpeg based copy software products, nothing that concern to Cinavia. However, greetings to the known FBI hunted nerd at Once again disgraced.

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