New Updates are available

Today we have released new updates for CinEx HD Utility and DVD-Ranger CinEx HD

  • Fix for new copy protection found in “Neighbors” and “A Million Ways…”
  • Optimized SoundTouch(Beta)

Note: All new downloads are currently not signed. With the server crash the certificate was lost, too and Comodo is not as fast as expected. During the next week all downloads will be signed again.

    • If there is an problem, please explain the problem. Noone will help “It do not work” or “It has a problem”. Explain the problem,explain how you got the problem. Explain the source you use.
      Also do you have updated the software to the latest version?


    Hi, I have the same problem as **. When the transfer is completed, there is a bad loud noise that comes every few seconds when you play back the movie *Sex Tape*. I’ve used your latest version of Cinex HD Utility with the original blu-ray disc. The *Sex Tape* database file has a problem, you’ll hear it if you make the test. Thanks for your help..


    Ok we understand you have a problem
    Lets put this in a simple Statement. :
    Your Car breaks down you have it taken to the local repair shop and , you state Its Broken ” can you fix it ?”

    This bring up to us to.
    What software did you use? Vendor?
    What type of media was used? Torrent – Streamer – Rental – Retail
    Where did it come from?,
    Was the source a clean original back up?

    We discuss these things in the Support Forum !
    We hope this clear up what we can not answer without details


    Hi I have the same problem. Every 5 seconds the is a loud crackle sound.
    Rental version sex tape bluray and ripped with anydvdhd . Plays fine before I try to remove cinavia on media players. Tried several different times . No luck


    Hi again,

    I used a retail blu-ray bought in Canada……..and yes, the surface of the blu-ray was spotless when I used it to do the transfer with Cinex HD Utility. I decrypted the *Sex Tape* blu-ray with DVDfab Passkey latest version before I did the transfer to remove Cinavia. I think this should cover everything. If not, please let me know.

    Thanks again for your help


    I used DVDFAB Passkey There was no problem at all and *Sex Tape* played really well after (except for cinavia on english audio stream). It played perfectly with french audio stream.


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