New proof about the stolen technology

After having published the article about our technology which was stolen, we feel we have to clarify some misunderstandings.

First off, we have to explain what open source is and what it stands for. The most important thing about open source is that with most licenses copying is still restricted. In the case of GPL copying is allowed only if the modifications to the code are also made public, but at least it must be mentioned that the code is used and when distributing a compiled binary using this code at least a link to the GPLed code must be published. Furthermore all modifications to that code must be published as open source under the same license. So it is not allowed by the GPL to copy and close the source. It is only allowed to copy and make it open source again. And by the way, our open source CinEx project was down because it was discontinued and not because we wanted to hide the code. The GPL was and is still in force so even if we kept it offline anyone who had the code was allowed to republish the code under the same license.

Another point is that no one noticed our little tool, the revealer, which shows everybody how easy it is for us to enable Cinavia again. We found no comments about successful testing or questions about why we are able to re-enable the signal with such an ease.

There is a myriad of possibilities what kind of audio filters to take and which parameters to use in order to mutilate the Cinavia signal. So how could we develop this tool so quickly? That’s because we as the one who invented the technology already have the necessary code and the know-how.

With all that in mind we plead not to resort to fanboyism and ignore the facts and proofs. Keep your head clear and keep in mind that also big players like Microsoft or IBM were found guilty on the same topic.

As for not being able to prove that we are the inventor of this technology: yes it is true if we disregard the re-enabling tool argument above. But there are only two possibilities left. Either we are the inventors of this technology and know how to disable it or the technology behind the BD cloning solution is that simple that everyone could be able to disable it – thus making the detector updating job very simple for Verance. In that case the decrypting company would have acted grossly negligent and would have deliberately deceived its customers.

In order to extend our proof we have also made our wobbler available for download. This tool disables Cinvaia using our unpublished technology. We have also made a video available on our website which uses the wobbler and by comparing it to the decrypting and BD cloning solution it is able to show that the latter is based on our technology. Additionally, in order to show you why we abandoned this old technology we have also added a comparison to our CinEx HD technology which shows a far superior audio quality.

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