New Cinavia Database Files

Today we have release the database file the blockbuster:

  • Life Above All, Southern Sotho Track
  • Searching For Sugar Man, English Track
  • Before Midnight, English Track

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      On Salt Directors Cut ,
      What is the ISBN bar code on this Retail, does not show a Directors Cut for the USA Region A

      Region B
      Salt Blu-ray Finland Region B
      SteelBook / Theatrical / Extended / Director’s Cut / Sony /Released Jan 05-2011

      Salt Blu-ray Sweden Region Free
      SteelBook / Theatrical / Extended / Director’s Cut / Sony / Released Jan 05- 2011

      Salt Blu-ray Hungary Region B
      Theatrical / Extended / Director’s Cut | Salt ügynök / InterCom / Released Dec 08 -2010

      This information is really needed when making request for titles i.
      Salt has been done USA Region Free Released Dec 21 – 2010


    The one I have says 2010 and it says is the directors cut, I couldn’t not find a download for Theatrical version that you have I hope that this enough information.
    Thank You very much!


    Same here. Now I can’t get the older version back even after system restore. I’m without CinEx HD Utility totally. This was a bad decision to download that update when it’s not fully functional.


    Come to the forum if you didn’t keep the prior ver , I have a link for it .

    BTW Why on earth would you do a system restore the program has a built in removal . Iv’e installed the new release and reinstalled the prior ver 3 times to recover the missing dll and it works fine.. As soon as they get back into the Lab they will have the missing Dll corrected .


      Because it stated that I had corrupted files after downloading that update. Don’t ask me why but something got corrupted in the process. That’s why/

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