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A couple of times I got messages that AC3 is too less quality for Blu-ray. The problem for me is, that there is no DTS/HD encoder in ffmpeg available.
Now I have created a special CinEx HD version that support LPCM in MKV files. If this is successful I will add LPCM support for Blu-ray, too.

LPCM is uncompressed audio and so you can encode this audio yourself with the encoder of your choice.

Yes. CinEx HD currently only work on the first 6 channels. It do not treat the HD channels. I also never started to analyze the HD channels if there is Cinavia inside this channels or not.

Create Full HD?
Yes you can try to mux the HD channels into the LPCM audio that CinEx HD finaly do. But please note:
Cinavia itself has a drone out effect inside the audio. So an Cinavia infected audio is always tempered in compare to the original mastered one without Cinavia. The Cinavia free audio that CinEx HD generate has a adjusted drone out effect. So it is possible that the HD channels from original audio are out of sync after removing Cinavia.Only solution: Try out!

You are welcome to tell me about your results.

Update 20.01.2017 @ 21:32
Some technical information:
1.) It is an option that work in SoundTouch 2 and also with database.
2.) It only make sense if the input is at least DTS or better DTS Master HD. It do not make sense if your input is AAC or Ac3.
3.) Input file have to be MKV. MP4 do not allow PCM and AVI is too old school.
4.) It currently do not work with BD.
5.) To activate, pleasse just tick the checkbox “Create LPCM MKV file”. If not activated it will use AC3 like before.
New LPCM option

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    Is this implemented in SoundTouch2, or the database file? Personally, I have no problem with AC3 and prefer that to keep the higher video bitrate when compressing a movie to BD-25. I have not yet downloaded nor tried the Beta yet, but is there an option in there to continue conversion to AC3 as it is now? Also, any further implementation of SoundTouch3 into this Beta version. I guess I should install and try it and can reinstall if I want to go back.

    • admin

      It is for both, SoundTouch2 and Database. You can enable this option if your input is MKV. If you do not activate LPCM it will do AC3 like before.

      I have added some technical information to the blog post.


    LOL it is amazing most do not see that little box to check or un-check for this option ,

    Thank you Lab for your hard work to please ALL users and their request .


    Good Morning,

    Having a PCM audio without compression is a very good news to thank them, although at present only PCM 5.1 is reached, are you planning to reach PCM7.1?

    Greetings and thank you very much for your great work.

    • admin

      Yes. I will start to investigate into the HD channels about Cinavia inside soon. But those who have experience can also check this out. Just add the 2 HD channels to the PCM from CinEx HD and see if Cinavia pops up or not.


    If, in my case it is easy, just as I re-install the Master dtshd with the dts encode Suite software, from the wav extracted from your Cinavia clean audio, I could add the 6 (LSR) and (7 RSR) audio channels Original, but the problem is that all the channels of the original audio contain Cinavia, I have checked one by one this in several audios and it is so.



    Good Morning,

    Yesterday I did the Cinavia lpcm withdrawal in the Blu Ray Maggies Plan, as I told you before, and later I extracted the Wavs with these to recode the audio to dtshd Master format again, but I miss the weight difference of the original audio against the Reported, and I realize that the original is 24 bits, while the reported is 16 bits, do we know if there is or open the possibility that the PCM audio to report is the same bit rate as the original?
    The truth is that compare the spectrum between the original and the reported audio and there is a noticeable difference in graphics.

    Greetings and thank you very much

    • admin

      I will try to work on it.
      It is a little bit complicated because DVD and Torrent are most time 16bit. And the common way to remove Cinavia from BD is alos to use AC3 with highest bitrate. So I need to split the decoding and encoding inside to leave 24 bit. But I will try.

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