Honor to whom honor is due

Some people have noticed that there was an error in the database for “SexTape”. According to the reports we have investigated what could be the problem and behold, we have identified the problem.
We can only say that CineX HD is now topped by Hollywood. Because with “SexTape” Cinavia was so changed, that it bothers CineX HD for the first moment.
This is now the second manipulation, which we have found. Thus CineX HD has become a problem. Also those manipluations show that it is not possible to beat CinEx HD with the Cinavia detector technology. Even changing the structure of Cinavia as it has happened now will not help against CineX HD because its main flaw still remains in effect. Anyway, we have this problem fixed quickly for the films “SexTape” and “Deliver Us From Evil”.

We do not want to explain what what changed. You can read this well in our CinEx White Paper.

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