Ghostbusters (MKV) Database Available

We have released a second database for Ghostbusters Extended movie.

  • Ghostbusters Extended, English Track

Why this database?
This database was created on request because on torrent network there are some mkv files and Blu-ray images (Maybe created from this mkv file) available that contain ripping flaws.

When to use this database?
If the main and official database will create an echo then you can try to use this database. Many users reported success with this database.

Like DVD database files you can download this database file only out of the software, not out of the member area.
Please follow this guides:
Install database files


    Nerve is coming from Lionsgate , Blu-ray arrived today Region A

    infected, i know it may take time to fix, Plus Skiptrace as well.

    thanks for the ghostbusters, the previous version worked fine


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