CinEx HD Utility Beta available

Today we have released the CinEx HD Utility Beta. Following changes:

  • Updated Activation window (Old Trial window). You can now see if you are in “Free Mode” or “Activated”. Read Activation Guide
  • Updated and fixed GUI
  • Added CinDe for Blu-ray and video files
  • Fixed Installer (Language Problem)

From today, CinEx HD SoundTouch 2 is free. We’ve removed the trial version. You can now remove Cinavia from all videos, DVDs and Blu-rays using SoundTouch 2.

If you want to have the unique CinEx HD databases, you can purchase a license. What is the benefit?
– With the databases Cinavia is completely removed.
– CinDe can not find any Cinavia anymore
– You can make copies of your copies
– No lyre, drone or partial unsync.

In the new version you will also find the new CinDe Cinavia scanner for video files and Blu-ray. DVD is supported at a later time. You can use the new CinDe to scan a Blu-ray playlist (mpls). The new CinDe is set to 20 minutes to catch the latest tricks of the film studios.

To read more about SoundTouch 3 go here…. | Download Now!


    We just removed the trail function and being the only function is ST2 usage , as stated if you want a clean Cinavia removal using the database you have to purchase the software..

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