CinDe – The Cinavia detector

It is done. Today we have released our first Cinavia detection software.
You can check all type of media for Cinavia watermark.

It is complete free.


CinDe filename [-l] [-t tracknum} [-h]
filename (Name of file to check (vob, m2ts, mpg, avi, mkv, mp4, mov, m4v…))
-l –list (List audio tracks in file)
-t –track (Check given track number for cinavia (default:0))
-h –help (Show this help)

Sample (Always add a pause to a batch file):

CinDe.exe “C:\videos\torrent.mkv” -t 0

DVD and BD

CinDe is file based. So you need to enter the VOB (DVD) or M2ts (BD) file that contain the main movie. If you want to check original discs you need a decrypter like AnyDVD or Passkey.

CinDe.exe “C:\BDMV\STREAM\00800.m2ts” -t 0


    I wanted to check the movie dope for cinavia watermark i made a batch file called cinde.bat

    cinde e:\convert\dope (2015).avi -t 0

    and just comes up with your add and nothing else

    what am i doing wrong the file is called dope (2015).avi


    Are you going to make a tutorial like you did for all the other tutorials on how to actually use this new program?. People like myself are old and not too technically advanced as you youngsters are these days but I’m learning quite a bit from you folks. Love the work you do. Top notch. Those tutorials have taught me a lot and I’m actually having no problems using the programs. I thank you guys very much.


    I can get CinDe to start but then it crashes, any one running this on Win10.

    CinDe.exe” D:\VIDEO_TS” -t 0
    \ /
    / CinDe – The free Cinavia Detector v0.92 \
    \ /
    /———=| proudly presented by |=——–\
    \ /
    / CinEx HD Utility ( \
    \ /
    / The original Cinavia removing solution. \

    Please contact CinEx HD Utility support for
    a commercial license of CinDe.


    Press any key to continue . . .

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