Cinavia – Ignored by your Blu-ray copying software?

For two years, DVD-Ranger has been offering its successful Cinavia solution.

In the beginning, we started with a low quality removal method of CinEx. After two years of persistence and hard work, CinEx evolved into CinEx HD! We are now able to remove Cinavia while maintaining high quality 6 Channel DTS sound.

With CinEx HD Cinavia, protection is no longer disabled but eliminated, and very different from the very way past releases were designed. In addition, with SoundTouch (Beta) we are also offering a temporary solution for screeners and the newest movies until a CinEx HD high quality database is available for that title.

We want to be clear here so you understand we are not bashing other software manufacturers, but from what we have been seeing from some of the big players listed below and what they have to offer in comparison, to DVD Ranger CinEx HD is nothing more than a band aid solution, and not a permanent one.

1 DVDFab
No solution. The company that claims to be a market leader does not offer anything other than warm air. All there customers who have paid a lot of money for this software are out in the cold with new copies. The bad thing here is, it also includes old finished copies and backups.

DVDFab still only advertises with a PS3 solution that is outdated for over 2 years.

2 TDMore
The spin-off of DVDFab whose mission it is to get again money from DVDFab customers still it does not offer a temporary or permanent solution. The support people of TDMore post in many forums that the customer is stupid because he or she purchased a player with Cinavia detection. By stating that people who purchased a PS4 or Xbox or a new Blu-ray player with Blu-ray 4K support are all stupid, thus displaying a very poor business model.

3 Slysoft/AnyDVD HD
They offer nothing more than a solution that disables the Cinavia detector in PowerDVD and other windows Blu-ray software players. It doesn’t not work on MAC, Linux PS3, Ps4, Xbox and all other hardware driven Blu-ray Players. Plus with the new available Technologies like Blu-ray 4K that many people have purchased and will purchase the new hardware.

AnyDVD/Slysoft is falling behind more and more. And they react to failed copies by manipulating third party software like it was virus and again just a band aid solution, and not a permanent or temporary solution.

4 Xilisoft and all their spin-offs
In addition, with no solution, and the same situation you can find at DVDFab, new copies and already completed copies in the past are Cinavia infected and the people cannot watch their backups since 2011.

5 DVDCloner
Again, there is no solution here either and like the others consumers are stuck with the same problems with new and already completed copies that were previously done are Cinavia infected, and the people cannot watch their backups since 2011.

6 All others
Have no solutions.

DVD-Ranger offers the CinEx HD Utility a solution that can remove Cinavia from not just the new and upcoming releases, but also already completed copies. The question here is why doesn’t the big players not offer/or suggest to their customers this solution to make them happy. How long will they ignore the problems of their desperate customers?

Below is a short list of the latest movies plus hundreds more you cannot watch when copied with DVDFab, AnyDVD, TDMore, Xilisoft, DVDCloner, and others:

Kick-Ass 2, 47 Ronin, Pompeii The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Think Like a Man Too, Moms’ Night Out, Neighbors, A Million Ways to Die in the West, SexTape and many, many, more.

It is now time for your turn to ask your software provider:

?Why they do not provide you with the solution?

?Why they are still selling software that does not remove the latest Cinavia copy protection?

?Why do they ignore your problems?

?Why do they not cooperate with others that can offer you and them a great solution?

If your tired of their bandade solutions and are interested into pimping up your existing software such as AnyDVD, DVDFab, TDMore, Xilisoft, DVDCloner, or any other copy software product, with software that really works, take a quick look into CinEx HD Utility at

  1. daredevil

    I use DVDFab for several years and for 2 years I regularly ask for a Cinavia solution. Most of the time I did not get a response and my messages in the forum and the facebook page has been deleted.. I have a feeling that DVDFab would like to hush this Cinavia.
    However, CinEx HD Utility works great. I have made ​​a few recommendations in the DVDFab forum, but unfortunately they were deleted, too.

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